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Our First Editorial Line

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All the books you want, always with you, in a small space, to satisfy your thirst for knowledge, your desires and your dreams.

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The Good Ol’ Way

Classics never die! The pleasure of leafing through our books, touching and lining them up on the shelves is still irreplaceable.



Optimize time: listen or study even while eating an ice-cream in the park, driving or making some exercise. The option for busy people.
The Karing Ship Team

The Karing Ship Team

Answering your “How To?” Questions

“Karing Ship” is our first Editorial Line, born to answer the fundamental question: “How to?” – whether it is starting a new business, learning to feel better about yourself, losing weight, acquiring new skills, or solving practical problems.
Thanks to the experience gained in almost twenty years of work in the publishing and media world – both traditional and online – by most of its members, our team (together with selected experts, when needed) is able to create high quality  manuals and guides, to meet your needs and desires.

You’ll never be alone

You will always feel our hand on your shoulder that will accompany you on the path you are taking.
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The Handbook Factory Editorial Team - Azad Publishing Ltd.


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