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Image Credits

All Images on this Website are licensed (for commercial use too) from different sources, under the Following Creative Commons Licenses:

“Public domain”  C.C. Ø   –  “Attribution Only” C.C. BY and their variations ( Example: C.C. BY SA)



Home Page Images

First Books - Azad Publishing Ltd Image 1: Business photo created by drobotdean –

The Handbook Factory - Knowledge Learning - eBook Reader - Azad Publishing Ltd Image 2: Flower photo created by –
Concept of ebook - Azad Publishing Ltd. Image 3: People photo created by nikitabuida –
Concept of paperback - Azad Publishing Ltd. Image 4: Book photo created by –
Concept of audiobook - Azad Publishing Ltd.Image 5: Background photo created by snowing –

The Handbook Factory Editorial Team - Azad Publishing Ltd. Image 6: Business photo created by pressfoto –
The Handbook Factory Editorial Team - Azad Publishing Ltd. Image 7: Business photo created by –

Library Shelf - Azad Publishing Ltd. Image 8: Foto di Pixabay da Pexels CCØ

Readers Feedback - Azad Publishing Ltd. Image 9: Image CCØ by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay


Images on other Pages and/or Blog Pages have the credits on their respective pages.

If, for any reason should the Author (s) of the image (s) detect attribution errors or misuse, please contact us and the image (s) will be promptly removed (or the license terms corrected).